Reverend Cindilee, Nokomis Migizinz, Indigenous Officiate
Reverend, B. MSc., Metaphysical Minister, Indigenous Officiate

Indigenous Officiate, Metaphysical Minister Ordained with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and the International Metaphysical Ministry (USA). Spiritual Medium, Seer, Traditional Grandmother

Reverend Cindilee, B.Msc, Metaphysical Minister, Indigenous Officate  has 3 decades of working in spiritual, holistic and traditional ways.

She is a Traditional teacher, Reiki Master (multifaceted healing in more then 20 energy healing certificates Master Teacher Degree), Spiritual Life Coach, Goal Setting and Happiness Coach.

She is in current study to complete her Masters in Metaphysics thesis and then to be accepted to compete a thesis Doctor in Metaphysics. 

Traditionally she is a member of Grandmother's Voice Indigenous Grandmothers working in various communities.

Reverend Cindilee is the founder of 4 Winds All My Relations(c) and of Sacred Heart Spiritual Centre of Remembering.