Welcome to the website of the Sacred Heart Spiritual Centre of Remembering(c), operating with love as Sacred Heart Spiritual Centre(c) offering ministry.

A place to come together in spiritual wellness, harmony and balance, a place that is inclusive to all that embrace the gifts of the spirit, for those to express their spirituality and relationship with the Divine in their own understanding.

The heart of "Sacred Heart" is in the knowing that we are divinely all connected, and hold within ourself the Divine spark of creation itself.

The ministry of Sacred Heart Spiritual Centre of Remembering acknowledges and respects the beauty in ALL creation,  that has been set by the Creator, God, Universal Presence, Source, Divine, Infinite Intelligence in the creation of the Universe.


The Sacred Heart Spiritual Centre is for individuals that wish to explore, develop their own spirituality and be present in a sacred space that is supported together as community. As community we embrace and connect heart to heart in oneness with Creator, God, Universal Presence, Source, Divine, Infinite Intelligence in our every day life. Through service and the energy of love that is expressed unconditionally. We dedicate our journey to assist humanity in their individual growth and making a positive impact in the world.

The Sacred Heart Spiritual Centre is a community of global participation that is dedicated to encourage, to strengthen and nurture all people. We serve all levels of society and are inclusive to all people, embracing universal spiritual principles, through community healing, sacred service, prayer,  and meditation inspiring each other through metaphysical teachings and understanding.


  • With a metaphysical philosophy of religion,  inquiring beyond the physical experience of the existence of the human experience through the principles of metaphysical spirituality.
  • The all Creation is unchanging, and is absolute as Creation is not changed.
  • Creation is enhancing and uplifting, peaceful, understanding
  • Every individual is an expression of Creation one of compassion, love peace and knowledge
  • Creation is an intelligence and the creative power of the universe
  • All individuals are a divine spark and created in the likeness of Creation
  • The Universe is in a continual state of expansiveness, evolution and progression as all as one
  • In knowing that the human experience is truly a spiritual experience 
  • To explore the view of existence, on many levels of physical existence, and learn more about the spiritual being having a human experience.
  • To support each other of like minded, to support individuals in need of healing and individuals seeking comfort and peace.

Practices of Spiritual Work
  1. Through prayer and affirmation of spiritual practice that is healing, uplifting, comforting and in this process of prayer an awareness of one with the Creation
  2. A community of individuals come together in prayer, mediation, teachings together as one bring unified awareness through the consciousness, working together in compassion, understanding, love and humility
  3. Meditation increases awareness to the divine, deepens the heart connection and aligns one with the divine
  4. Offering of spiritual study, learning and teachings develops a level of knowledge of one's spiritual journey, understanding spiritual truth that supports all spiritual growth.
Reverend Cindilee

Founded in the year of 2021

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