This is a Complimentary Session of 15 minutes which gives Rev. Cindilee an opportunity to discuss Transpersonal Coaching with you. A chance to get to know each other to see if its a right fit. A meet and greet it is important to connect with our coach to see if the session Transpersonal Coaching use metaphysical techniques, shadow work and tapping into the collective unconscious, transpersonal symbols (found in the tarot) to work with individuals to transcend to a higher personal and spiritual level. The coaching sessions are a 1:1 session. The study of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Robert Sardello, Roberto Assagioli, Abraham Maslow, Stanilav Grof and many others. During as session transpersonal coaching technics, mediumship, tarot and dream analysis.

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 00:15 Hours
  • Location:Zoom Link