Hand Fasting Ceremony is a promising, a love ceremony, a commitment ceremony that is old in time. This ceremony can include: vows, exchange of rings. The promising to each other, in fasting of the hands, is not a legal registered marriage, this is a ceremonial religious commitment. The couple promise their commitment to each other, and in the company of family and friends, The couple will not be announced as a married couple, and the ceremony is not registered. The announcement will be the newly promised couple. For a registered ceremony please follow this link to learn more on process to applying for a marriage license. Getting married | ontario.ca visit the website for steps to apply for a marriage license.

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Planning of a Hand Fasting Ceremony

  1. one complimentary meeting to discuss your ideas and thoughts about your promising ceremony
  2. the opportunity to choose from some simple vows, ideas of your own, your words, you wish to share with your loved one
  3. simple vows 10-15 minute ceremony

50% not refundable deposit to be due on the date of confirmation of your wedding date and the remaining 50% is due 4 weeks prior to your confirmed date. 

$$350.00 (GST and HST Included)

Mileage fee:

Applies $50.00 flat rate outside of Niagara Region