Rev. Cindilee Ecker-Flagg, BA Soc.,  M.Msc., Ph.D Philosophy Candidate

Reverend Cindilee Ecker-Flagg, Nokomis holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysics and a Bachelor in Sociology (BA. Soc) from the University of Athabasca. She is a Spiritual Coach, Reiki Shihan, Reiki Master, Certified Aromatherapist, and Life Path Coach.

She is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, having received her ordination and practitioner diploma from the International Metaphysical Ministry University Seminary. She is a Registered Officiant in Ontario, Canada, and is also ordained with the International Canadian Metaphysical Ministry. Reverend Cindilee has completed her Master in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics and is pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy, Ph. D., specializing in Transpersonal Counseling from the University of Sedona.

She remains active in ministry as a wedding officiant, life path coach, and in spiritual healing and spiritual message work. Reverend Cindilee works actively as a college professor, delivering courses in Sociology and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge.

As a natural healer and spiritual advisor, Reverend Cindilee is unique. She is able to share spiritual insights connected to the spiritual blueprint at a soul level. With over 30 years of working in spiritual advising, she shares her work with Indigenous healers, spirit talkers, and those within the community. There is no distance to the transformative work she shares.

Her completed thesis speaks to the spiritual work; “Transformation: Embracing the Transformative Nature of Experience” is to demonstrate that transformation is a natural spiritual expression of the human experience and to show that there are signs of our soul experiencing transformation that can be found in physiological responses, positive, negative experience(s) and not always originating from a life-or-death event. That there [are] many sequences of events that unfold in our life and create the purpose for transformation. In this thesis, she will demonstrate how transformation occurs in our daily journey through the various experiences of [all] four aspects of self, being human in a physical container, our sacred vessel of life. It is the experience of being human that is one of the greatest transformations of the spirit, your journey of the soul.”

Reverend Cindilee has spent over 30 years in transformative work, exploring, studying, certifying, and teaching several healing modalities, spiritual techniques, and philosophies. It is through her training and strong connection to spirit that she has come to understand the unique interconnection that we all have within Creation. Her work is Transformative in nature on many levels of one’s being.

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